Spring Pruning in the Garden

Spring Pruning in the Garden

One of the most important tasks to ensure that a garden is at its best during the summer months is pruning. You may choose to use a commercial garden maintenance company in Victoria BC such as West Coast Evergreen Gardening, or may prefer to do it yourself, but what is the best approach for pruning to help your garden look its best all year?

Pruning is perhaps the most confusing aspect of gardening, with a lot of misunderstanding about what it’s for and how to go about it. After all, the idea is to essentially cut away often perfectly healthy parts of a plant or tree to shape how it grows or promote new growth. That can seem drastic, and in fact over pruning is real, and can be as harmful as not pruning at all. So how do you find the balance?

Different plant types do require different approaches, but there are some common ideas that can help create your own pruning approach.

1) Remove any dead material quickly

Whatever your views on the best approach to pruning, always cut back dead areas of plants. Whether it is a tree branch or dead leaves on an evergreen, it is important to remove them. This is because that, especially for trees, that dead part is a wound that can lead to rot or infection.

2) Make angled cuts

For many years it was though flush cuts were the best approach to pruning both trees and plants, as this offered the smallest surface area left to heal. However, modern experts suggest that an angled cut, leaving a circular, rather than oval surface, contains the potential for infection and decay and helps the plant maintain health better.

3) Thin with restraint

Whether thinning out tree branches or the leaves of a shrub, the idea that less is more holds true. Over thinning can leave a plant traumatized and unable to recover properly, so much so it can as much as half the plant’s life as a result. Thinning allows a plant to maintain health by allowing light through to the core, but it should be used with care.

A commercial garden maintenance company is often a good option

The big question for many, whether it is a garden at a Strata complex, a commercial property or large estate family residences, is whether they should be using a professional team to deliver this essential garden maintenance. Even for someone who is passionate about gardening, there are some advantages.

Not only does a commercial garden maintenance service have the specialized tools to perform tasks such as tree pruning in a safe and effective manner, but they can also schedule maintenance programs for your specific garden, so that you know those essentials are taken care of. You can then focus on dealing with planting and nurturing your spring and summer growth.

When its time for irrigation start up in spring and your garden begins to come back to life, pruning is high on the agenda, but whether you call in the experts or not, it stills needs care and planning to get it right.

Contact West Coast Evergreen Gardening when looking for professional pruning results.

Commercial Property Garden Spring Cleaning

Commercial Property Garden Spring Cleaning

What needs to be done in the garden when its time for spring clean?

When spring clean comes around, it’s a great opportunity to have a thorough look at your home and not just clean, but you can also find all those things you’ve been holding onto and never using, and then get rid of them once and for all. But it doesn’t have to be just inside your home, when it comes to spring cleaning, your garden can benefit too.

However, whether it’s for a commercial property, strata complex or large estate family residences around Victoria BC, knowing the best way to approach a spring clean for a commercial property garden can be difficult. Here is our advice on the best garden spring cleaning strategies for you.

Have a plan

Dealing with your garden in a spring clean means there’s a lot of work to do. If you are doing it yourself, create a plan so that you can fit it all in around your schedule, allowing a few weekends to get all the tasks done. An alternative is to use a commercial garden maintenance company, who will schedule maintenance programs for you to ensure everything is done on time.

Take out your dead!

You don’t have to re-enact the black plague, but you do need to begin by getting rid of all the dead waste in your garden. From composting leaves and other unwanted material to the dead annuals, get it all out the way so you can see just what really needs doing in preparation for your spring bloom.


From trees to woody perennials such as buddleia and even those that always maintain some leaf growth such as Epimedium, pruning and cutting back creates the space for spring’s new growth. You can use this opportunity to sculpt tress to avoid overgrowth into areas that may cause problems too. If you are carrying out this work yourself, finding a commercial gardening maintenance company to carry out any tree work is sensible, as specialists can accomplish this without the safety concerns you may otherwise have.

Cut the grass

If you have lawn or ornamental grass, once the garden is clear of the winter waste buildup, its time to get everything trimmed and ready for the spring where growth starts again. Once everything has been trimmed, it is also a great time to think about irrigation start up for spring too, to make sure all the plant life has everything needed to fuel that new growth.

Check the soil

Before you start spring planting, it’s a good idea to check the soil and assess its balance, after all plants will be looking for a healthy dose of nutrients to fuel the spring growth. The spring clean is the perfect time to do this, it gives you time to plan. If your soil remains healthy, you can just add a compost or fertilizer top dressing and your plants will have everything they need. However, if you find an issue, then you can deal with it before you begin spring planting, saving time and money.


A spring clean of your garden is very useful, but if you have a larger garden, such as those found at a commercial property, or large estate family residences or strata complex, then it’s worth considering a commercial garden maintenance company to take care of the work for you. Contact West Coast Evergreen Gardening for a consultation. Call us at 1-250-743-GROW (4769)

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