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Commercial Gardening Services

West Coast Evergreen Gardening can assist you in maintaining and building a beautiful garden area to enhance your property and meet your gardening needs.

We have expert certification in gardening and we take ongoing professional courses to ensure we have the highest qualifications for garden care.

Our commercial gardening services include:

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• Lawn Mowing
• Debris Pick Up & Disposal
• Pruning
• Irrigation
• Weeding
• Fertilizing
• Parking Lot Maintenance and Litter Pick-Up
• Power Washing
• Graffiti Removal

• Complete lawn maintenance
• Leaf removal
• Weeding
• Mulching
• Fertilizing of garden beds
• Aerating and de-thatching
• Tree Care

• Spring Start-ups
• Sprinkler Maintenance
• Winterization and blow-outs
• Certified Backflow preventer testing

• Fertilizing
• Liming
• Mulching
• Gathering winter debris
• Planting: annuals and perennials
• System sprinkler installation and start-up

• Edging
• Pruning
• Gathering leafs and branches
• Winterization and blow-outs of sprinkler system
• Garden clean up

• Custom Recommendations
• Assistance with Strata Proposals
• Commercial Mall Experts

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